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Rules Corner: FSAE2014 Changelog, Parts A,T,AF and IC

About one week ago the first version of the FSAE2014 rules was released. The FSAE rules have moved to a 2 year rules cycle starting in 2013 such that only in odd years major changes will be made to the regulations. Therefore, the 2014 FSAE rules changes are mostly small corrections or clarifications except for the EV regulations.

However, the FSAE rules do not include a detailed changelog, which I honestly do not understand. I will try to change that in future, especially since we moved the rules document to dynamic referencing in 2013 when we integrated the EV rules. That should make it really easy to automatically create a changelog. On the other hand it will probably prevent the teams from completely reading the rules every year which could harm the quality of the cars, at least with respect to passing Scrutineering.

Now back to business: I have thoroughly compiled the changed rules, but there is no guarantee that these are complete or that there won't be another release which might make this compilation obsolete. So make sure to keep up to date when new rules are released. Although I will probably post another blog entry, if there is an update to the rules.

For the impatient, these are the rules you have to check out:

  • A2.1
  • T1.2.2k
  • T1.2.3
  • T3.31.2
  • T3.33.3
  • T3.34.3
  • T3.36.3
  • T14.2
  • T14.4
  • T14.15
  • IC1.6.3
  • IC2.7.3

For the patient readers who are interested in the details:

Change: Formula Student Austria has become an official FSAE competition.
Impact: There is no direct impact for the teams as this change only means that FSA is now represented in the FSAE Rules committee. I think this is a good thing as FSA is organized by former team members and this always a good addition in rules discussions.

T1.2.2k and T1.2.3:
Change: Clarification that brake pads and tyres must be replaced by parts with identical characteristics.
Impact: This clarification means that teams that have used different kinds of brake pads in order to pass Brake Test for example, will now have to change their event procedures and incorporate this in the design of their next vehicle as well.
I do not know the background behind this clarification. Probably a team has been caught doing this at one of the competitions. I personally think that this (at least the tyre part of it) has been covered by the rules before. However, now everyone knows for sure.

T3.31.2, T3.33.3 and T3.34.3:
Change: Perimeter shear tests have been clearly defined for monocoques.
Impact: (Structures/Chassis design have always been and still are my blind spot with respect to FS/FSAE car design, I apologize in advance for any wrong interpretations) Teams building monocoques have been required to specifically test the perimeter shear strength of the Front Bulkhead Support and the Side Impact structure before, but there was no clear specification of the required testing method. This has now been changed. That means that teams must ensure to test the mentioned structures according to the new test requirements.

Change: Methods of attaching the main roll hoop to the monocoque by laminating have been clarified.
Impact: Attaching the main roll hoop to the monocoque by laminating is now specifically allowed, but only, if it is not only done by using adhesives. An appropriate number of plies must be used to attach the roll hoop. Additionally equivalence to four mounts compliant with T3.40 must be shown in the SES and evidence according to T3.29 must be supplied during tech inspection.

T14.2 and T14.4:
Change: Offroad helmets and using goggles instead of a full-faced helmet with a face shield has been prohibited.
Impact: I personally have never witnessed a driver using offroad or open face helmets with goggles, but obviously there were issues with that. Therefore if you have been using any kind of open-faced helmets with goggles in the past you have to change them for full-faced helmets with face shields.

Change: Use of cameras and camera mounts has been clarified.
Impact: This affects teams that like to put cameras all over the car. A lot of discussions took place at Scrutineering about the mounting of cameras. So now the requirements for mounting cameras to the car have been clarified in the rules making life easier for teams and Scrutineers.

Change: Added that the restrictor size must be maintained at all times during the competition.
Impact: A very redundant clarification in my opinion as T1.2.2 already lists items that can be changed with a re-check at Scrutineering. In fact it is even worse as it implies that all the other rules have not to be met at all times during the competition...

Change: The minimum size of venting holes for belly pans has been clarified.
Impact: The European competitions clarified this some years ago already and now it has found its way into the global FSAE rules. It should just make sure that oil or fuel cannot aggregate and create a huge fire once ignited by a hot exhaust pipe for example. Especially teams building monocoques or undertrays should make sure to watch out for this rule when designing their parts as a closed rear monocoque structure will/could be treated as a belly pan! The same holds true for undertrays.

Please note:
If you think that any content in this post is worth discussing, please do so in the forum and not in the comment section of this blog, to make sure that everyone can benefit from the contents of the discussion, even if he/she is not reading this blog.

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